"soooo hey there. it's me... obviously. ha, god. this must kinda be weird, huh? if i've estimated when i'm going to do this right then we're probably sitting together right now - hey andrew, it's me. andrew. you have seven days to... okay, off topic. just kidding. so, yeah. if i'm going with my original idea of shoving this... is this an opener? this opener, in front of the video i put together, then it's valentine's day and i've decided this is the best time to show you what i put together. it was supposed to be a video just about our joshua tree trip but then as i started casually stealking some of your video footage and taking some of my own it grew into this bigger thing. i kept adding more video along the way and suddenly it's sort of like... an ode to us, i guess? is that cheesy. oh well. fuck. i'm rambling so much, aren't i? so. okay. here's the thing. yeah, this is an ode to us. an ode to you. my fig, my best friend, the person i wake up to and fall asleep to. on valentine's day because - that's right - fuck it. because let this be something we can both watch whenever we miss each other, when we're apart, or if we're fighting 'cause i'm being a snappy idiot and you're being a stubborn idiot. or... whenever, really. i made this video for you. because of you. because i want all these memories to go somewhere special, cause you're special. i dunno what i'd do without you at this point, bastian bentz. you know what? why don't you just watch, i'm gonna shut up now. happy valentine's day, you. enjoy." "

β—‹ bed moments series of moments of them in bed, some with sound but many without. clearly taken at random intervals, between months, days, many different moments / a groggy bazzi nudging the camera out of his face but there is absolutely a smile there / andrew laughing hysterically / bastian shoving his face in the pillows because he's embarrassed and andrew nudging him to show him his face / a faraway video of the two of them in an intimate moment - bastian on top of andrew, running a hand through his hair, sharing deep kisses and rolling around together / hands touching on the pillows / andrew on guitar humming along / bastian and andrew singing together / video of bastian sleeping soundly / video of bastian as the light comes through and frames him perfectly / video of the two of them looking at each other in deep discussion and then moving on to lighter fun topics
β—‹ joshua tree sequence an unlocked video of andrew from their very first joshua tree visit. he's in the bathroom and filming himself, shaking his head. he sighss. "fuck, am i in trouble. big trouble." he looks off to the side, rosy cheeks and all. a visible, large smile emerges. "i like it. yeah. i like it." camera shuts off / a tour of the joshua tree house / video footage from that hike that almost killed them and bastian looking at the camera like he really WILL kill andrew / a video setup off to the side to capture them jumping around on the rocks together and having a good time / racing down a dirt road / some artisan shops they enjoyed / them in hoodies outside late at night sharing a spot / view of the stars / running away and then falling into each other for a kiss / andrew nudging the camera away but laughing all the while / scenery of joshua tree in all its fun glory
β—‹ a dedication to the body hands of course, many hand shots throught. fingers interlocked / bastian's hand on andrew's shoulder / andrew's hand on bastian's thigh / holding hands as they walk / holding hands in bed / andrew kissing bastian's knuckled / bastian kissing andrew's knuckles / palm to palm / hands through hair / hands around the neck / lips, for kissing and for teasing / a zoom in of bastian's lips / a zoom in of andrew's lips / kissing down bastian's back / shots of every single marking they both have / tattoo shots including them also using their 'matching tattoos' to show off to the camera / close up of bastian's hip, his thigh, shoulder, his neck, jawline, cheeks, intense gaze / same with andrew thrown in throughout
β—‹ night drives a variety of car videos / this time whenever these videos are intertwined there's usually sound to showcase what they're listening to and mild commentary / night drives of the road ahead, california and some travels throughout / bastian and andrew both driving at different moments
β—‹ getaways snippets of all the trips they've taken together / house tours / beach views and zoom-ins of them together and separate / snowboarding fails / skateboarding wins (and fails too of course) / seoul bars, walks including the videos bastian took / turkey from rooftop balloon moments and cave exploration / absolute zen relaxation in the adirondacks / cramped in a cabin at camp earth / dancing together at camp earth / cliff diving in auckland / driving in their southern camper / visiting museums / london christmass including decoration the tree together and shots of everyone enjoying themselves later that night with added bonus of a stalker video someone took of them whispering and being Cute as Fuck on the couch on the eve / palm springs pretending to be some 1950's power duo couple / switzerland snow
β—‹ various
so! much! here! cooking fails on both their parts / going back to try dazzling bowls once more / andrew very clearly annoying bastian as he rolls his eyes / skateboarding down empty streets and skate parks / surfing fails and wins / hanging out at the lifeguard tower / beach days / up on the rooftop - both in london and california / hanging out at the house especially outside in the garden / shots with them and z the snake / falling asleep together / hanging out on the plane for both short and long rides / the tequila ritual at the airport showcased through andrew filming it / hanging out with their mutual friends / attempting to do art together and andrew being a big fail at it / reading siken and various poems (with sound) / more singing along together and alone / laying down on the floor together and listening to music, talking, thinking / sifting through vinyls and books / visiting various shops in los angeles / general scenery along the way